To empower, enrich and assist individuals to find their voice through writing


Originally established in November 2016, the academy was reborn in June 2020 as the Starlight Writing Academy by a team comprising of authors, poets, and academics. It continues to hold its core values of empowering individuals to find their inner voice and express emotion, thoughts and imagination through writing. Its courses aim to help people find their voice through creativity.

Writing like many other art forms is a powerful tool for expression and communication. Life can often get in the way and over a period of time, we often look for something that gives it meaning. Our life should consist of many pillars, each one making as important as the next. Discovering our passions can enlighten us, awakening a new sense of awareness within us and helps to reach new heights of discovery and potential we never imagined before. With this comes a new energy and zest for life. We all have natural talents and with work and practice, these can be honed and developed and used in all aspects of our life providing more meaning in what we do.