Screenwriting Fundamentals

This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the process of screenwriting, structure, formatting and will provide you with what you need to start writing your own screenplay. On completion, you will be able to write a screenplay, with instructions for formatting the script for submission.

Level: Award

Entry Requirements: None

Learning Units:

  1. Introduction to Screenwriting

  2. Understanding Act 1 – The Build Up

  3. Understanding Act 2 – The Adventure

  4. Understanding Act 3 - Resolution

  5. Understanding the Legal Side


For Awards, there is a 40% pass mark required in order to receive your certificate. Assessment is based on individual unit exercises.

Learning Hours: 8

Certification: Starlight Writing Academy

Course Creation: August 2019

Study Options

Online Study

This study option allows you to study at your own pace. Submit work exercises and assignments for grading and chat with your teacher through the online classroom.

Duration: Open

Price: 90 Reduced €60

To access the online classroom, a google account is required.

Included is access to one free short course: