Writing as a Therapy

This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the importance of using writing as a therapy, giving an overview of our mental health and emotional expression. Included in the course are journal prompts, writing guidelines and personal & development plan template.

Level: Award

Entry Requirements: None

Learning Units:

  1. Our Mental Health

  2. Writing as a Tool

  3. Expressing Emotion

  4. Reflection and Building


For Awards, there is a 40% pass mark required in order to receive your certificate. Assessment is based on individual unit exercises.

Learning Hours: Open

Certification: Starlight Writing Academy

Course Creation: August 2020

Study Options


This study option allows you to study at your own pace. Submit work exercises and assignments for grading and chat with your teacher through the online classroom.

Duration: Open

Price: €0*

*During these difficult times of restrictions it is even more important we care for our mental health. As a result the Writing in Therapy course will remain free until the 1st of February 2021. Complete the booking form by clicking on "Get My Course" below and you will be invited to the online classroom.
To access the online classroom, a google account is required.


Study on your own with the complete e-manual available through Amazon